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Pray for Chile

Recently, Chile has been hit with many natural disasters: an earthquake, tsunami and on Saturday, April 12th, a forest fire in La Polvora, Valparaiso.

This large fire consumed seven hills, surrounding Valparaiso, burning 2,500 houses. As a result, more than 11,000 people are now homeless. 15 people died, including an elderly couple who died in embrace; the woman couldn’t escape so the husband returned to their burning home to die with her. The Chileans are using double filtered masks to breathe properly..






Animals were also burned by the fire.




Despite this hardship and loss, Chileans are out in the streets, actively helping the victims of the fire. They are organizing to collect food, clothing and medicine to support the victims — everyone is aware that this disaster is too much for the government to handle, it’s become Chile’s duty to take care of each other. 

This firefighter is actually a famous Chilean comedian — his mother passed away last Friday, but when disaster struck, he was out helping others.

Senators and deputies have stepped away from their offices to help put out the flames, the very day it started. Firefighters from across the country were mobilized in Valparaiso and have been fighting the fire for four days straight. Athletes and musicians have held benefit events to encourage Chileans — “Fuerza Valparaiso” which means, Be strong, Valparaiso.

"Many of these people don’t* know each other, but they are all united by a deep feeling of solidarity that characterizes Chile: People helping people.

Being strong is the only way to move the country forward and we know [that] very well… 

This is the beauty of my country, many foreigners fall in love with Chile due to its landscapes, while others, including ourselves, loves the way we are… We felt very proud to be Chileans not because of the life style or our achievements, but because of us!”

We are so fortunate to be living our lives of comfort, to have roofs over our heads, which so many people over the weekend in Chile, lost… Please pray for Chile.

Photography : Copyright Javier Valenzuela

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A chilly social experiment performed in Norway had heartwarming effects for those involved, as well as viewers who are asked to become aware of greater issues in the world. One commenter said it best: “Life is short. Never miss an opportunity to perfect your own humanity. Love is simple. In fact it is all that we truly have. It binds us. It makes us who we are. It is not the coat that keeps us warm, it is love. Give what you can. Do what you must. Be more human.”

You don’t need to know what they’re saying to understand what’s going on in this video.. worth watching & sharing!

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we’ve got to stop meeting like this

dreams are all too powerful.. why do we dream? why can’t we dream about what we want?

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I Promise

Finally got to catch up & SEE a beautiful sister’s face, thanks to facetime, earlier today. The last time we facetimed was back in.. October…? TOO LONG. it was so good seeing her and hearing about how God’s been blessing her & her boyfriend since we last talked. It was good to share about how God’s been working in my life and by his grace, drawing me closer to Him.

I’m so thankful to have a sister that genuinely cares about the important things — my spiritual well-being, my commitment to the local church and community, and my love life. I’m thankful to have someone to keep me accountable, despite the distance — and someone, who keeps me in her prayers because she knows the one who’s listening, cares and cherishes us.

All I can say is, praise GOD for all of the good He’s doing in our lives.. I’m so excited for what’s to come.

We made a promise to each other, to make time for each other, at LEAST once a month — even if it comes down to the last hour of the last day of the month HAHA

I promise, to keep my mouth shut, until I get THE text ;) You… have a promise to keep as well.. hehehe

I love you, sister. Always praying for you & the lucky man.

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I had the most extraordinary, God-ordained encounter with an amazing older woman named Sophia. She runs a florist but it’s not just a florist; it’s her mission field, her ministry. She provides beauty to those that need comfort, to bring joy to loved ones and strangers.

I came in to her florist to order a funeral arrangement and left, meeting a sister in Christ.. what really impacted me was when she told me, “Kimberli, I love you” and I could hear it in her voice that she really meant it.

It’s amazing what God’s love allows ordinary people to do — love perfect strangers because we’re bound together by Christ’s blood.

You are so amazing.